About Our Rewards Program

Along with the benefits of a faster checkout, creating a store account gives you the opportunity to earn points and refer friends to redeem "Pineapple Points" for store coupons! Here's how it works!


  • Every dollar spent - 1 Pineapple Point (ex: spend $25 earn 25 pineapple points)*
  • Create Account - 200 Pineapple Points
  • Follow on Instagram - 100 Pineapple Points
  • Like on Facebook - 50 Pineapple Points
  • Share on Facebook - 50 Pineapple Points
  • Celebrate a Birthday - 200 Pineapple Points**


  • Refer a friend through our program, get $10 off your next purchase!***
  • Your referred friend gets 15% off their order!


  • 500 Pineapple Points - $5 off
  • 900 Pineapple Points - $10
  • 2000 Pineapple Points - $25 off
*at certain time or for certain promotions, Pineapple Points earned for every dollar spent may increase in value. You will be notified when this happens! For Example, A Back To Summer Sale might offer 4 Pineapple Points for every point spent. So if you make a $25 purchase, you earn 100 Pineapple Points instead of 25.
**To prevent customers from putting in a fake birthday that day to earn extra points, your birthday must be 30 days after you sign up. If your birthday actually falls within the 30 days of you signing up, please contact us and we will manually give you points!
***$10 off your next purchase is activated if the friend you referred uses your link to purchase a product.